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Born & raised in Little Rock, Arkansas; Tierra Macon is an independent womenswear designer. She first discovered her abililites to create fashion at 12 years of age. Before knowing her place in the industry, she began by sketching a variety of looks such as costumes & everyday styles. At 15, while her peers were receiving their first cell phone she was gifted with her first ever sewing machine. At  18, she (along with one of her peers) organized her first ever fashion show with over 100 people in attandance. This prompted her to want to continue learning more about the fashion industry. She attaned the Art Institute of Atlanta where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts: Fashion Design. 


​Currently located in Los Angeles, California; Tierra Macon is always working on the next collection of womenswear that embodies the spirit of modern women while staying true to classic trends.  Tierra Macon creates custom pieces for all women.

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